Incorporating firebase authentication into a flutter application can now be done in no-time, but the conventional way of doing so doesn’t turn out to be user-friendly in any manner. We just can’t expect our users to be keyboard-warriors and make them tolerant of signing in every-time they get their hands on our application.

So, let’s fix this user experience clutter by keeping the user logged in by managing the state with the Provider package until the user smashes that “Sign Out” button.

We are just going be managing the state of our application with the Provider and orchestrate the execution…

Dart and Flutter had now emerged as talk of the town for quite some time now. Flutter’s friendly learning-curve had made app development as easy as pie by transforming all rugged and haunting attributes to a rigid architecture which paved the way for its colossal likelihood among the tech community.

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JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) had been the most widely accepted data-interchange format in the industry than its counter-parts(XML,YAML to name a few). JSON being effective to serialize and deserialize, programming languages are equipped with plethora of approaches in deserializing them to a real human-readable data repository and so is Dart…

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